14 Jan

By: Joe Lloyd

How many of you bought or received a KEURIG Coffee Brewer this last holiday season? If you said, “Yes”, you’re not alone. In the past 24 months over 3.5 million people are using KEURIG coffee brewers for their early morning jolt.  Personally I drink more than one cup of coffee in the morning so a KEURIG is not for me. But for those people who prefer one cup of “Joe” from home, it’s not a bad option.

Here is my grind (no pun intended) with the KEURIG – it’s not so much the process of the brewer itself, but rather, the pre-packaged K-CUPS they sell you to use with the brewer. I am around fresh coffee all day long and have grown accustomed and addicted to the quality taste and aroma that fresh ground coffee offers. When I opened a K-CUP for the first time and performed my ritual of sniffing the coffee in hopes of taking in the golden aroma of freshly ground coffee, I was taken aback by how stale and pungent the coffee smelled! I was equally disappointed by the taste.

So I did a little research. I found out that prepackaged K-CUP coffee is roasted, ground and then packaged up to 3 to 5 months before it ever reaches you the consumer.  No matter how the manufacturer packages those little K-CUPS, by the time that first month rolls around the coffee will have lost a significant amount its freshness, quality taste and aroma.

But don’t throw your new KEURIG away quite yet – there is hope! KEURIG sells a reusable coffee filter that acts just like a pre package K-CUP called “My K- CUP”. This  single cup re-usable filter allows you to use your own ground coffee from Durango Joe’s Coffee in your new KEURIG Brewer!  I encourage all of you who have a KEURIG to buy a reusable coffee filter and keep the coffee FRESH!  You don’t have to sacrifice freshness and quality taste because you are using a KEURIG.  Don’t be fooled by creative ads and fancy coffee labels that try and make you believe that just because it comes from Green Mountain Coffee or a number of other well-known brands that it is fresh and high in quality. Most all stores that sell the KEURIG Coffee Brewer will have the reusable “My K-Cups” filters available for purchase. And of course you can get them at anyone of your Durango Joe’s locations, we carry the EkoBrew styles, and highly recommend them!

The bottom line is coffee is always best when it’s freshly ground and then immediately brewed. Several great “ways” to brew coffee using your own freshly ground coffee are; “Pour Over” method, traditional “Drip Brew” style, “French Press” and the “KEURIG” single cup, each method dependent on good quality, freshly ground coffee.  Enjoy the New Year and whether or not the KEURIG is a here to stay or if it’s just a fad, when brewing from home, go FRESH!


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